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Staff were disposing of chemicals at the nuclear power plant when the incident happened.
Jacob Rabi-Laleh, seven, is trying to help rough sleepers through winter.
It follows reports of disquiet among some Plaid AMs over whether she should lead the party in 2021.
The Evening Standard says they made "the wrong call" to edit the singer's elaborate hairstyle.
The storm will not be as bad as feared, although disruption is still possible, forecasters say.
Charges for picking up and dropping off passengers at some UK airports have risen by as much as 100%.
Joseph Hale was selected as one of the faces of retailer River Island's latest ad campaign.
Omid Saidy was stabbed to death outside Parsons Green station on Monday.
Tests suggested drivers were more relaxed at higher speeds as they could overtake slower vehicles.
Craig Wells saw the homeless man walking around in socks and decided to give him his £120 trainers.


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