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A new "stay at home" order across England could be announced as soon as Monday, it is understood.
The comedian's sons said the tributes to their father have been "overwhelming".
A yellow warning has been issued by the Met Office across NI from 06:00 GMT until 21:00 on Saturday.
Two men were in the industrial-sized dryer when the third's ankles became trapped as he crawled in.
A group of gym owners say they'll refuse to close in another lockdown without proof cases are linked.
Warnings for rain in Northern Ireland, much of Scotland, Wales and parts of England are in force.
Several of Saturday's papers lead with reports that nationwide restrictions will be introduced.
The Great Fox-Spider had not been seen since the early 1990s and was feared extinct in the UK.
In an ex-mining community hardship is nothing new, but a two-week lockdown presents new challenges.
Drag stars Boulet Brothers chat about dressing up at Halloween and their popular reality show Dragula.


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