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Ministers want divorces and cross-border consumer claims resolved "in a clear and sensible way".
A series of events will take place in Glasgow and around the country over the next five days.
The one-liner by comic Ken Cheng wins the tenth annual award for Dave's Funniest Joke Of The Fringe.
The first ministers say the UK government wants to impose its will on the other parts of the UK.
The car maker is offering £2,000 off a new car in a scheme it says will have 'an immediate effect' on air quality.
The Great British Bake Off and the Barcelona terror suspect dominate Tuesday's front pages.
The singer performed her aptly-titled hit on a cruise ship as the solar event swept the US.
Striker Eniola Aluko speaks to the BBC about the "bullying and discrimination" she says she was subjected to by England head coach Mark Sampson.
The donated gear will be sent to a charity warehouse where ex-Jungle camp migrants are sleeping.
It happened shortly before midnight on Sunday after a fight began on the dance floor.


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