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The story of two adopted siblings from Sri Lanka who were brought up in a rural town in Northern Ireland.
Some papers report on "fury" over the police intervention in Sue Gray's inquiry into alleged No 10 parties.
Thousands of NHS staff in Edinburgh are unable to park because they do not have a permit.
Simon Hinchley-Robson says he was starved, denied sleep and assaulted after requesting an Aids test.
Sue Gray is expected to submit her report on lockdown events at Downing Street shortly, the BBC is told.
The former party leader sought to switch constituencies but lost the nomination to Diane Forsythe.
A holiday firm owner says he lost bookings because of the time it took to restore an internet link.
With vacancies at a record high, many firms are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers.
The Met Office issues weather warnings for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.
The name of Andrew Devine, the tragedy's 97th victim, is added to the tribute following his death.


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