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NASCAR bosses have revealed the glove driver Joey Logano during last weekend's qualifying in Atlanta.
A guinea pig has been found abandoned at a London Tube station with a note saying: "I need a new owner."
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing a Jewish man in the Swiss city of Zurich.
The chancellor has played down expectations of tax cuts in Wednesday's budget, telling Sky News his spending plans will be "prudent and responsible".
A senior Houthi leader has namechecked newly-elected George Galloway in a message blaming Rishi Sunak for the first sinking of a rebel-attacked vessel in the Red Sea.
Cash-strapped train travellers are being priced off the railways, campaigners have warned as fares in England and Wales are hiked by nearly 5% despite high levels of cancellations.
Doctors in Gaza have told Sky News that the situation is "catastrophic", and disease is spreading through refugee camps, particularly among children.
When you break a record jointly held by three of the biggest British music acts of the last 30 years, you know you're doing something right.
Dozens of police officers across the UK have been convicted of crimes including rape, sexual assault and sex offences against children in the three years since the murder of Sarah Everard, new data shows.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has tempered expectations of tax cuts in Wednesday's budget as he announced an £800m package of technology reforms designed to free up time for frontline public sector workers.


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