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Theresa, Nicola, Corbyn and Boris also made the list of Scotland's top baby names in 2018.
The move comes as a campaigner says some members of Birmingham's Muslim community feel "victimised".
Police say a woman found in the Yorkshire Dales in 2004 is Lamduan Armitage, nee Seekanya.
James Goddard pleads not guilty to three charges following protests outside Parliament.
Will the UK actually leave the EU on 29 March?
Det Con Rebecca Bryant hid the fact she knew a juror in a trial she was involved in.
When screws and bits of metal started appearing in a bird feed container an infrared camera helped solve the mystery.
Two motorists are left trapped after becoming upended on a security barrier near BBC offices.
The Commons speaker is asked about his decision to rule out a further vote on the government's current withdrawal deal.
It was the latest twist in the Brexit saga. But what did John Bercow say and what impact will it have?


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