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Medical tattoo artists takes on Facebook over nipple block and she is joined by cancer patients to protest
Alden Barlow wrote to Ms Soubry in her constituency in Nottingham, saying she was "treacherous".
An ultra-orthodox Jewish judge says Jews should "give up their lives" rather than teach LGBT issues.
Labour promises to give every home in the UK full-fibre internet if it wins the general election.
Boris Johnson answered questions from the public in a special BBC programme.
Eighteen of the minibus passengers - all aged between 60 and 80 - were taken to hospital.
The US president will arrive in London for a Nato summit 10 days before polling day.
The couple is charged after their four-week-old suffered a fractured skull and broken ribs.
Reality Check has been looking at some of the claims the prime minister made during the hour-long programme.
A court rules in favour of Patricia Reilly who was sacked by Peebles Media Group in Glasgow.


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