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Key charts explaining how the respiratory virus has spread and how it is being dealt with.
Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said it was a move that was "unprecedented" in peacetime.
The deputy Chief Medical Officer for England says social distancing measures will likely be in place in some form for six months.
Amged El-Hawrani's family thanked NHS colleagues for working "tirelessly" to save him.
Have you ever seen the streets of the capital so empty?
Gordon Jackson QC was filmed making comments about the ex-first minister during his sex assault trial.
The date the virus peaks will depend on how people behave, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says.
It is the largest increase in deaths in NI in a 24 hour period, and there are 86 new confirmed cases.
The attacks in Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon are being repeated elsewhere in the region, say police.
There's huge anxiety in the NHS over coronavirus and the lack of protective equipment, Dr Guddi Singh says.


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