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Rules in England making it easier to build extensions of up to 8m are being made permanent.
Four Conservative MPs have already said they want the job - with more expected to follow.
A homelessness project helps keep vulnerable young people off the streets and away from drugs gangs.
As the pop icons return (minus Posh) for their Spiceworld tour - is Girl Power relevant or a 90s relic?
The Netflix series writer, Charlie Brooker, jokes he and executive producer Annabel Jones should sue "the news".
Janine Milburn's daughter Georgia Jones, 18, collapsed at Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth last year.
When Sam Clarke was 10 years old he was told by doctors that his kidneys would fail because of Alport syndrome.
Merseyrail takes down posters for the singer's new album over concerns about his political views.
Cllr Rakhia Ismail, from Islington, London, is thought to be the first UK mayor to wear a hijab.
Theresa May's emotional Downing Street resignation dominates Saturday's front pages.


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