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While this may be the first report of many to come from an inquiry expected to last at least four years - it is perhaps the most important.
A carer has admitted murdering a 90-year-old patient who was found dead at her home on Merseyside.
A Scottish government minister's father remains under police investigation for posting an image of the Star of David linked with a swastika.
The man who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan has disavowed violence in the wake of the attempt on Donald Trump's life. 
The UK's citizens were "failed" by their governments' processes, planning and policy ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, a public inquiry has found.
A man "callously" left his dying girlfriend at the scene of a crash he caused before calling police and attempting to blame her.
A damning report has found officers at Greater Manchester Police are abusing their power - making unlawful arrests, unlawful and demeaning strip searches, sometimes treating victims as perpetrators, and traumatising those who have suffered sexual abuse or domestic violence.
Joe Biden has been forced to pull out of a speech after contracting COVID-19, as pressure on him to step aside from the race to become president ramps up.
A device found with the man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump was a remote fireworks detonator, according to US law enforcement sources.
The family of murder victim Muriel McKay are heading for a confrontation with detectives over concerns they are not doing enough to find her remains.


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