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Actress Ruthie Henshall is calling for more visiting access to family members in care homes.
Residents will be offered events and activities aimed at "celebrating LGBT identities".
Kwasi Kwarteng says help for firms and workers will continue, as Chancellor Rishi Sunak prepares to unveil the Budget.
The controlled explosion of a World War Two bomb in Exeter has left a crater in the ground and properties with "structural damage".
Experts say most cases involve genuine but misplaced health anxieties, not faked illness.
A crying paramedic asked why crews were not helping at the scene of the bombing, an inquiry hears.
The holiday firm promises to change after disclosure of a list to screen out Gypsies and Travellers.
The Golden Globe winner says it "makes sense" for her to leave at the end of The Crown's fourth season.
Midfielder Peter Whittingham, 35, suffered a traumatic head injury at the pub nearly a year ago.
As part of the phased return of pupils across Scotland, children in P4-P7 will also return full time.


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