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Scotland sees its biggest daily increase in the number of coronavirus deaths so far, with a further 13 people dying.
Harold Pearsall, who was 97, had tested positive for Covid-19 while in hospital.
The guidance to officers comes amid criticism of how some forces have enforced social distancing measures.
A London paramedic says he does not feel protected while treating patients with suspected coronavirus.
Lenders are cutting back on loans, unless borrowers have a huge deposit or plenty of equity.
He will sign off after nine years as co-host of the BBC One show - but he won't be in the studio.
Aldi, Morrisons and Waitrose are easing restrictions on some of their products.
TV host James Corden sums up how many people are feeling during the coronavirus situation.
Matt Hancock thanks the public for cooperating with the government's "draconian measures".
Alex Wood did the "deliberate act" as he was being arrested for assaulting a woman, police say.


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