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Covid-19 restrictions are to be extended to all of Northern Ireland from 18:00 BST.
Leaked documents show Standard Chartered moved funds that may have been linked to terror financing.
Michael Gove says the message has changed in "response to the spread of the virus".
Every morning at 7am when the second hand TV was switched on, the village internet went down.
The first of 400 asylum seekers being housed at a disused Army barracks began to arrive overnight.
Only 150 residents, one shop, one pub... and no coronavirus.
About 431,000 more people face tighter rules from this evening as eight more areas are being watched.
Nicola Sturgeon will address the Scottish parliament after a Cobra meeting with the other UK leaders.
A referee who was punched in the face during a match says he is shocked and disappointed after his attacker is given a police caution.
The possibility of curfews in the hospitality sector and other lockdown curbs make Scotland's front pages.


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