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Jenica Leah, who has the condition, has written a series of children's books to aid understanding.
Alan Waller claimed false documents were used by Martin Bashir to win the late princess's trust.
Sally Ambridge says the review failed to hold anyone accountable for not keeping her safe.
After 25 years of catching 'em all, the seller's haul of more than 20,000 items will now be sold.
BBC broadcaster Alex Scott says the domestic abuse she experienced during her childhood is "still so raw".
Five American bulldogs were put down after the victim, named locally as Ann Dunn, was attacked.
David Fuller, 68, is accused of abusing the bodies of 23 women between 2007 and 2020.
But Liz Truss says she is not currently contemplating trying again to get rid of the 45p tax rate.
The presenter responds after her father denies being violent to her, her brother and her mother.
A coroner offers his condolences to the family of Mr Kaba, who was due to become a father.


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