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The move follows a public letter to the supermarket giant claiming farmers would go out of business.
The team's kit, which was worth thousands of pounds, was destroyed by mice over winter.
The papers focus on cost-of-living warnings and Championship footballer Jake Daniels coming out as gay.
WhatsApp messages about primary school children in Aberdeenshire were not disclosed to parents.
Tens of thousands of football fans are expected to be in the city when Rangers play Eintracht Frankfurt.
Lord Hague says the government is "shallow" and "politically weak" for delaying plans to curb obesity.
Offenders caught in police stings are to be punished based on intent, even when no child victim exists.
The Home Office says it will ensure they are not put at a disadvantage to their paid colleagues.
The new gadget can help surgeons find and remove cancer that has spread from the breast, say experts.
How addiction support in a corner of north-west England caught the eye of the government's senior drug advisor.


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