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Ministers say the new law will demonstrate global leadership, but critics accuse them of "inaction".
Design boss Jo Barnard says you should always make you have future work lined up for your firm.
Up to four people from no more than two households can now visit care homes in Northern Ireland.
The advertising watchdog says three Brewdog adverts for a gold can competition were "misleading".
The average amount Britons take out of cash machines rises by over £10, but there are fewer visits.
A lorry fire has spread to 30 trailers and people are urged to keep windows and doors closed.
Fifty-five years on, survivors say they live with the images of death and destruction.
A report raises concerns about chronic understaffing and excessive workloads at one hospital.
Online sessions with specialist officers have been scheduled 'as a priority' for Thursday and Friday.
Two-year-old George Hinds died in the explosion in Heysham, Lancashire, on 16 May.


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