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The British-Iranian woman jailed in Tehran is also being considered for clemency, her husband says.
Charity appeals to chancellor on coronavirus impact, as one family connects through a glass divide.
NHS England's medical director says "every one of us has a part to play" to keep the death toll down.
Catherine Beanland says Ludlow hospital's response was "very slow" but it says it followed guidelines.
Amazon, Google, Palantir, Microsoft and Faculty AI will help decision-makers better understand the crisis.
Hundreds of people raise concerns about workers being too close together at more than 150 companies.
Shops are closed and transport stopped after strict lockdown was imposed at four hours notice on Monday.
Alister Jack is said to be experiencing "mild" symptoms, including a cough and a temperature.
Lucy Duncan took the elderly driver to hospital after the crash and spent hours in A&E with him.
Police warn that more people may find themselves being victims of domestic abuse.


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