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Nicola Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell has been charged by police after he was arrested amid an investigation into the SNP's funding and finances.
FA Cup replays will be scrapped next season as concerns grow about the impact an increasingly congested calendar could have on player welfare.
Nicola Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell, who is a former SNP chief executive, has been re-arrested amid a police investigation into the party's funding and finances.
Sir Keir Starmer said police should be involved in the case of suspended Tory MP Mark Menzies, who faces allegations he misused campaign funds.
Conservative peer Ruth Davidson does not think Mark Menzies will survive the week as an MP.
A former senior civil servant criticised some of the policymakers behind the illegal migration bill, accusing them of "harbouring racist views" about immigrants, it has emerged.
A masked gunman who shot at a car on a busy north London street in a "gang dispute" has been convicted.
A 170-year-old lizard specimen is to be taken back to its Jamaican homeland from Scotland as part of reparatory justice moves.
Meta's AI has told a Facebook user it has a disabled child that was part of a New York gifted and talented programme.
This is a tale that's more than just a marmalade dropper. It's a story so astounding you have to pick yourself up off the floor. 


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