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The average two-year fixed rate is now close to 6% as major lenders raise the cost of deals sharply.
Kwasi Kwarteng delivers his first conference speech as chancellor following a U-turn on tax policy.
Police say Sean Fox was enjoying a drink in a crowded function room when he was shot several times.
A woman, aged in her 60s, has died after she was attacked by dogs in a Liverpool house, police say.
Those on means-tested benefits will get the money between 8 and 23 November, the government says.
The Wolverhampton school had spent 18 months trying to find somewhere to teach pupils to swim.
Electricity supplies to people's houses could be disrupted if the country runs short of gas.
The 36-year-old man became unwell between miles 23 and 24 of the annual 26.2-mile event.
The PM and chancellor held a series of crisis talks as it became clear the 45p tax cut policy was going to fail.
The award winning brewery was set up in 1997 but will enter administration.


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