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The victims' commissioner for England and Wales says victims have for too long been treated like bystanders.
The UK's first openly gay cabinet minister, Lord Smith, urges the PM to diversify his top team.
The young Gallaghers appear in Creation Stories - a film about Oasis's former label boss Alan McGee.
Scientists say a pledge by shooting groups to phase out lead shot has had no detectable effect.
Brigadier John Clark says the British army will become "leaner", ahead of the defence review.
Lord Chris Smith is calling for more diversity in Government.
Twins Verity and Lucy were taken to court after speaking out on social media, naming their alleged abuser.
Conservative MPs are urging the government to ensure flat owners are protected from repair costs.
Alex Salmond had been due to give evidence to the inquiry into how the Scottish government handled complaints against him.
The DJ posts a video of her sister Frances giving a thumbs-up and a round of applause.


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