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Thursday's front pages focus on the health secretary urging people to get Covid jabs to avoid new restrictions.
What is it like to be a new lorry driver in an industry experiencing severe shortages?
The decommissioned North Sea platform will relocate to Weston-super-Mare as part of 2022's Unboxed.
The star's management company will select this year's song after the UK came bottom last year.
A Birmingham tower block resident, where combustible cladding is being removed, explains his plight.
Zayn Ali Salman is the youngest-ever recruit to Arsenal's pre-academy.
The territory of St Helena, which has remained coronavirus-free, wants a big rise in tourists.
Police targeted county lines operations where gangs supply drugs via dedicated phone numbers.
The government says consumers and businesses will benefit from deal, but it is unlikely to boost growth.
Dr Andrew Goodall says Covid, waiting lists and staff shortages have left NHS Wales under pressure.


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