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Stewart Handling feels like he failed his 13-year-old daughter Grace, who died after taking the Class A drug.
Some call them copyright trolls, but these companies say they defend photographers' rights.
Too white? Too middle class? Activist Fatima explores the climate change movement's diversity.
Coin mountains in storage mean The Royal Mint has no plans to produce any more for a decade.
Control of certain struggling franchises could be handed back to the government, sources say.
A professor has won £2.3m for applying complex maths to simple situations - like stirring tea.
Aspiring athlete Tashan Daniel was stabbed to death on his way to an Arsenal match.
Alan Fitchett's family call for a public inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic.
Early pub closures and restrictions on households mixing came into force at midnight.
A mix of stories on the coronavirus lead Friday's front pages.


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