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Kary Thanapalan grabbed the woman's breasts and kissed her as she walked home from a pub.
Police say there is enough evidence to look for human remains in the search for Mary Bastholm, 15.
MSPs will vote on whether to return Nicola Sturgeon to office following the SNP's election victory.
Images from the day, as coronavirus rules are eased in England, Scotland and Wales.
Front-line NHS worker Viv Hudson hasn't hugged her daughter for over a year – until now.
It's not just Bolton and Blackburn, says the health secretary, as he urges people to get vaccinated.
Two of the 17 children hurt in Monday morning's school bus crash were taken to hospital.
Leisure travel from England, Scotland and Wales, to a select number of countries, is now allowed.
Police said the "sickening off-duty activities" of Jonathan Plummer had "appalled" his colleagues.
Jennifer Johnson faces jail after being convicted of lying in Russell Bishop's 1987 trial.


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