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Alex and Buffy dropped everything to start a new life on the Isle of Rum, which they had only seen in pictures.
Millions of bicycles were sold this year, with fears there won't be enough for the festive period.
The news the UK has become the first country to approve a Covid vaccine dominates the front pages.
The health minister had said the originally-planned date of 14 December could be brought forward.
Travel restrictions meant Jason in Scotland and Christine in England couldn't visit family graves.
Boris Johnson says virus restrictions will remain - despite the UK approving its first coronavirus jab.
Universities in England are staggering the return of students after Christmas over five weeks.
Boris Johnson is set to unveil plans for world-leading emissions UK cuts - but are they enough?
Christine Colburn embraces her mum for the first time in months after taking a rapid Covid test.
The 73-year-old hails a "tremendous result" after he learns he will face no further punishment.


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