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A Stonehenge-style wooden formation and a lead-lined Roman burial are also among the finds.
One woman said potential employers would hear she had MS and "the call would go dead".
Holidaymakers are due to arrive at cottages and caravans in Wales for the first time since March.
Scott McGlynn says bullies targeted him at school, leaving him lonely and depressed.
A redacted report published in 2015 describes the unit as being "in serious trouble".
Schoolchildren sing about their worries for relatives and wanting to see friends again.
Face coverings are already compulsory on transport in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Smile Bank customers have been unable to access their accounts for days due to an ongoing outage.
The British socialite denies grooming underage girls for the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Parents say it is frustrating to wait months to register their babies, as councils face large backlogs.


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