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The party says it will eliminate the "modern-day scourge" if it wins the next election.
Business lobby groups say ministers must act to avoid "acute" skills shortages after Brexit.
Boris Johnson's reported plans for an early election and a possible no-deal Brexit lead the papers.
No trace of Patricia Henry, 46, has been found since she went missing from Girvan in November 2017.
A senior Tory says the views expressed by the leadership rivals appear to rule out any compromise.
Lewis Hamilton is proving too good this season, leaving Valtteri Bottas behind, says Jolyon Palmer.
Yousef Makki, 17, was stabbed in the heart with a flick knife, with another teenager cleared of murdering him.
Senior officer responds to claim police "engaged" with an alleged UVF leader during bonfire dispute.
The BBC has obtained footage of the night which shows unarmed police and members of the public as they tried to confront the armed men.
MPs warn that Britons are being exposed to a "cocktail of chemicals" from birth. What are the risks?


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