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The shadow Brexit secretary says Theresa May must disregard her Brexit red lines, or face the prospect of a another Brexit vote.
Tom Bell, 21, was shot through a window of the Maple Tree pub in Doncaster on Thursday.
The young thornback ray was expected to die after its egg case failed to open naturally.
A device explodes outside Bishop Street Court House in Londonderry shortly after a warning.
Brexit features heavily on the front pages - as some MPs try to rule out a no-deal departure.
No 10 responds as two groups of MPs seek to take control of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
Charity Tourettes Action has discovered that patients are facing long delays in diagnosis.
Elizabeth Rizzini explains the 'super blood wolf moon' - and forecasts the weather for UK skywatchers on Monday.
During the spectacular event, the Earth's natural satellite turns a striking shade of red.
More than 450 patients died after being prescribed painkillers at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.


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