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Police say the arrest of the 26-year-old who had just arrived on a flight from Turkey was "Syria-related".
The Labour leader will not say whether he wants the number of people coming into the UK to rise or fall.
"Manipulative" Stephen Waterson will serve more than seven years after he crushed the three-year-old.
Mitchell Rose deliberately mowed down Chance Bright as an accomplice stole the Amazon driver's van.
New research has attempted to put a figure on an elusive piece of data but do the numbers stand up?
Labour leader interrupted in Dundee by former SNP activist asking about the "will of the Scottish people".
Civil-partnered couples will not immediately be able to marry under new laws, prompting a legal bid.
The council says it needs to save £35m and wants clubs to take on responsibility for the facilities.
A whistleblower claimed a cancer patient died as a result of contaminated water at Scotland's largest hospital.
The 15-year-old charity campaigner will become the youngest ever recipient of the BAFTA Special Award.


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