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Traces of cyanide have been found in cups and a teapot in the room of a luxury Bangkok hotel where the bodies of six people were discovered in a suspected deliberate poisoning.
Elon Musk has said California's new gender identification law was the "final straw" and that he is moving the SpaceX and X headquarters to Texas.
Drake has posted a video that appears to show part of his Toronto home submerged in flood waters.
A "mega den" of as many as 2,000 rattlesnakes can now be viewed online thanks to a round-the-clock webcam.
Labour has promised to "take the brakes off Britain" as it outlines its plans for government in the King's Speech later today.
A US country singer has apologised and admitted she was drunk when she performed an off-key version of the national anthem.
Chelsea are investigating a video midfielder Enzo Fernandez posted on social media which the French Football Federation (FFF) allege shows them singing a racist song.
The Jay Slater case attracted the most "vitriolic and hateful comments" from amateur sleuths and such online behaviour needs to be stopped, says the head of a charity helping his family.
The valley where Jay Slater died is a stark and inhospitable landscape.


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