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The prime minister admits reports of him being a fan of the racy books penned by Jilly Cooper CBE are true.
Government minister pushes back against EU and US calls for removal of Sultan al-Jaber as head of COP28.
Against huge hype, the console giant's games reveal sparks a mix of excitement and disappointment.
"You are the epitome of passion and power," says Beyoncé, as stars react to the singer's death.
Rising prices have dampened demand from households and businesses in Europe's largest economy.
Cars are at the heart of the culture wars and anger at road-blocking tactics has led to armed raids.
Most people wanting to come to the UK need to apply via a points-based system.
Bui Tuan Lam's video was widely seen to be mocking a senior government minister.
Low-income households, pensioners and some disabled people will get extra help with energy bills.
If you're struggling to afford your gas and electricity bills, what options are available?


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