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The PM says she has listened to feedback on her abandoned plans to lower the 45p tax rate.
Liz Truss was asked several times if she trusts Kwasi Kwarteng with future policy decisions.
Mum of Tony Hickmott, who has been held in a secure hospital since 2001, says: "He's coming home."
Chiara Beer makes videos to help people who, like her, have to carry out tasks with one hand.
The team will also monitor a colony of gentoo penguins on Goudier Island for five months.
The inquiry's first module looks at pandemic preparedness, as campaigners say lessons must be learned.
Inspectors also endorsed staff "values" at a time when the BBC was filming patients being mistreated.
Tuesday's papers are dominated by claims the PM faces a new revolt over public spending cuts.
Demand for Fareshare’s help continues to grow, but there’s been a big fall from their biggest donors.
The Welsh government rejected calls for a Wales-specific inquiry, as UK inquiry begins


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