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Ministers will consider a plan to restart the hospitality sector earlier than anticipated when they meet on Monday.
Survivors of the fire speak out on the third anniversary of the fire, which killed 72 people.
A photograph taken at the event appears to show a man being hit by a protester.
A Portuguese police source rejects criticism over their investigation into the missing three-year-old.
Volunteers have been clearing up a "sea of canisters" and other litter after two illegal raves.
Hundreds of people attend more protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Boris Johnson urges people to maintain social distancing when non-essential shops reopen in England.
Paul and Elaine Gait say they are "delighted to be vindicated" after a long fight for justice.
Two illegal raves attracted about 6,000 people and led to "tragic consequences".
The PM urges shoppers to observe social distancing rules when non-essential shops reopen in England.


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