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Emergency services were called after people at a beach in Essex reported having trouble breathing.
Ryan Murphy, 19, from Cookstown, was following Rory McIlroy at a US competition when he was hit by lightning.
The driver of a car and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.
There have been five attempts so far this year to murder police officers in Northern Ireland.
Boris Johnson previously said the chances of leaving without a deal were "a million to one".
Pat Gillespie, a Strabane centenarian known for his whacky and wonderful inventions has died.
Forecasters warn temperatures could get even hotter, after 33.3C is reached in west London.
Police say the 12-year-old died in hospital almost a week after the incident in Glasgow.
Toshwa Dennis was tackling a scrapheap fire when he got the call to say Savannah was arriving early.
The artwork appeared near Dover's ferry terminal in 2017 on a building due to be demolished.


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