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Gemma Chan discusses I Am Hannah, which looks at the motherhood expectations placed on young women.
Poor access to counselling and support is one of the reasons most of those who report rape later withdraw their allegations, London's victims' commissioner says.
Derick Davies, 74, believes learning to play the piano has slowed the effects of the disease.
MPs say Brexit offers a chance to correct "failings" in the EU's farm funding formula for Scotland.
Billie Sequeira - one of the UK's top 50 women in engineering - wants to get more women into the career.
Here are some of the things our readers wanted to know about tree planting.
Some students in Sheffield are using a skateboarding society to improve their mental health conditions.
Car cruising has an image problem, but what happens at a car meet and why do people take part?
River levels are expected to "rise significantly overnight", the Environment Agency says.
The visit is the first time Boris Johnson has come to Northern Ireland since becoming prime minister.


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