Two Arrested In Connection With Lorry Fuel Thefts

Two Arrested In Connection With Lorry Fuel Thefts

Two men, suspected of stealing fuel from lorries, were arrested following quick work from a Kent Police dog and officers.

At around 3.45am on Monday (13th March) morning officers travelling on the A249 Maidstone-bound near Bobbing noticed a car parked close behind an HGV in a lay-by.

Two men then fled the scene as the patrol vehicle approached, with Police Dog Ciara and her handler called to assist in a search across fields.

Both suspects, one aged 30 and the other 21, were located shortly afterwards, arrested and later released on bail pending further enquiries.

A number of cannisters of fuel were also seized from the scene.

Inspector Steve Dunnett, of Swale’s Local Policing Team, told SFM News: "The theft of fuel from lorries can be hugely damaging to business owners who already spend thousands every year keeping their vehicles on the road. We take a very dim view of people who help themselves to fuel or other goods that do not belong to them, and will use every resource available to us to bring them into custody."

There have been a number of fuel thefts on this stretch of the A249 for the past 6 months.

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