Fly-Tipping Week Of Action

Fly-Tipping Week Of Action

Waste carriers were targeted last week (Tuesday 30th January) as part of a regular crackdown on fly-tipping acropss the borough. 

Swale Borough Council teamed up with Kent Police’s Rural Task Force to crack down on suspected fly-tipping, collect evidence, and take enforcement action for waste related crimes. 

Outcomes of the day were: 

  • 7 vehicles stopped and searched
  • 2 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) issued

Each offender received a fixed penalty notice of £300 for failing to produce a permit to carry waste, or the necessary documents. 

Cllr Rich Lehmann, chair of the Environment Committee at the council, told SFM News: “We take a tough stance against fly-tipping, and have put a number of measures into place to tackle this blight on our countryside and the environment. These measures include working with the police to stop suspected illegal waste carriers and check that they have the correct documentation, serving fixed penalty notices to those that don’t. While this operation acts as a deterrent for people who mismanage waste, we still need resident's help in the borough to bring a stop to fly-tipping. You need to make sure you are disposing of your waste responsibly and checking any waste carriers you use have the correct documentation. Be wary of cheap waste removal services, because if fly-tipped waste is tracked back to you, you could also be facing a fixed penalty notice.  

Cllr Lehmann went on to add: "People often suggest that metal will not be fly-tipped because of its value. The metal may make it to the correct recycling point, but where is the rest of the load ending up? That is why we do these checks. It is our responsibility to make sure the waste goes where it is meant to be, and not on the side of the road or on a country lane. When we receive reports of fly-tipping within our area, we instruct our contractors to remove it, but this increases our costs and the burden on tax-payers. People have even less of an excuse to fly-tip now, as new legislation has led KCC to make changes to what can be disposed of for free at household waste recycling centres, including some DIY waste like bricks and concrete. Help us keep Swale clean, and dispose of your waste responsibly.”  

Swale Borough Council regularly carries out these days of action with Kent Police. The council’s enforcement team gathers intelligence in advance to help target the right areas to carry out their duties. 

To dispose of your waste responsibly check whether someone is licenced to carry waste by visiting the Environment Agency website, or calling 03708 506506. 

It also helps if you receive a written receipt or transfer note, including contact details, description of waste removed and details of where the waste is being taken to. 

Check what can now be disposed of for free here: Charges at HWRCs - Kent County Council 

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