Forty Drivers Issued Fines During Crackdown In Swale

Forty Drivers Issued Fines During Crackdown In Swale

Kent Police have confirmed that 40 drivers have received fines as part of their ongoing work to crack down on motorists committing offences in Swale.

On Saturday 12 August officers from Kent Police’s Special Constabulary spent time in Mill Way, Sittingbourne, where they stopped drivers. During the operation 47 offences were identified and robustly dealt with.

Of these stops, 16 Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) were issued for motorists driving without seatbelts, one motorist was seen speeding, two were using their mobile phones and two were driving with illegal number plates.

Other offences included windows being too heavily tinted, a child not being restrained correctly, and two Vehicle Defect Rectification Notices being served after two damaged cars were seen being driven when they should not have been.

Officers also issued words of advice for offences including a tyre below the minimum tread, broken brake lights and incorrectly fitted and missing number plates.

Kent Police Community Safety Unit Inspector Vanessa Foster told SFM News: "‘Proactive operations such as these are important to ensure those motorists driving within our community understand that it will not be tolerated and that they will face consequences for committing these offences. We will continue to patrol the area and will ensure motorists seen using their vehicles dangerously, or in an anti-social manner are dealt with accordingly."


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