New Swale BC Administration Unveiled

New Swale BC Administration Unveiled

Cllr Roger Truelove has been elected as leader of a new coalition administration at Swale Borough Council.

The Leader was elected by fellow councillors at the Annual Council meeting last night (Wednesdat 22nd May) following elections earlier this month.

The meeting also saw a new cabinet and deputies appointed to make decisions on resources and priorities to deliver and implement the budget and policies decided by the council.

The new cabinet is made up of:

• Cllr Roger Truelove - Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Finance
• Cllr Mike Baldock - Deputy Leader and Planning
• Cllr Richard Palmer - Community
• Cllr Monique Bonney - Economy and Property
• Cllr Tim Valentine - Environment
• Cllr Angela Harrison - Health and Wellbeing
• Cllr Ben J Martin - Housing

The new deputy cabinet members are:

• Cllr Derek Carnell - Finance
• Cllr Alastair Gould - Planning
• Cllr Julian Saunders - Community
• Cllr Sarah Stephen - Economy and Property
• Cllr Eddie Thomas - Environment
• Cllr Hannah Perkin - Health and Wellbeing
• Cllr Ghlin Whelan - Housing

The meeting also agreed new chairs for council committees and appointments to outside bodies.

For more information, including more details about what the cabinet portfolios cover, you can read the reports on Swale Borough Council's meeting agenda page by clicking here.

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