MP Welcomes Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband

MP Welcomes Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband

Gordon Henderson MP has welcomed ultrafast broadband being introduced to thousands of additional properties here in Sittingbourne and on the Isle Of Sheppey.

Today’s (Friday 28th May) announcement by Openreach shows it intends to rollout ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband to 8,320 premises in the constituency and is part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to connect three million homes and businesses in some of the UK’s hardest to serve communities.

The figure is in addition to existing coverage and what it is already planned from other Openreach programmes, Community Fibre Partnerships or funded schemes creating 7,000 new jobs across the network.

Mr Henderson told SFM News: “Being able to connect to the internet is a modern day essential and I am delighted Openreach has shown its continued commitment to connecting some of the most remote communities. Businesses and homes are more reliant on the web than ever before and it is encouraging to know more people in my constituency will be able to benefit from the positives of getting online sooner, whether by streaming, selling products or accessing services. In a time where many more people will be working from home, I think it is extremely encouraging to know people will be better off as a result of this initiative. This move will help to level up those in the most disadvantaged areas and give them the equal opportunities which are so important in 2021.”

A study from the Centre for Business and Economic Research shows the national rollout could enable a million people to access or return to employment through flexible working. It will also help to cut emissions by reducing the need for commuter journeys as well as boost rural economies.

Openreach is working on timings for when the project will begin in the area.

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