Labrador Puppies Abandoned In A249 Layby

Labrador Puppies Abandoned In A249 Layby

Seven Fox Red Labrador pups, all suffering from mange, were discovered yesterday (Monday 12th September) by Swale Borough Council's Stray Dog Service.

They have all nowl been microchipped and given vaccinations at Bobbing Hill Veterinary Surgery who have reported that one of the Labrador puppies weighs less than half of what she is meant to.

Swale Borough Council's Stray Dog Service tld SFM News: "We're so proud of our babies for being big and brave whilst at the vets today. Our little miss was the smallest weighing in at just 4kg, but don't be fooled, her teeth are just as sharp has her brothers! All pups have also been treated for fleas and worms and they're off now for a good wash before coming home for some tea and a big nap."

SBC's Dog Warden then went on to thank Leanne at Paw Prints Groomers, for volunteering to groom the 10-week-old pups free of charge.

The warden added: "As always, your support is greatly appreciated and your kind comments have been lovely. If anyone would like to donate towards the pups ongoing vet costs, please contact Bobbing Hill Vets. However, please be aware that through no fault of their own, they’re unable to accept anything under £20. Donations aren't mandatory and there is absolutely no obligation, we just get asked this question frequently."

Swale Borough Council have confirmed: "This is animal cruelty and outright neglect. These pups didn't ask to be born and they certainly didn't deserve to be dumped like rubbish. Sadly with the current pet crisis, we feel this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Anyone with any information on the possible owner, or who dumped the pups, is asked to call Swale Borough Council on 01795 417850.

Anyone who wishes to donate to their veterinary care should contact KareBear Kennels Day Care and Doggy Holidays in Gillingham on 01634 233 624.

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