Dedicated "Halloween" Officers To Patrol Swale

Dedicated "Halloween" Officers To Patrol Swale

Designated police vehicles will be out across Swale in the days leading up to Halloween targeting anti-social behaviour hotspots.

Kent Police are running specialised operations to deter and reduce behaviour likely to harass and alarm members of the public and dedicated patrol cars will be on hand to respond to calls.
Officers will be out in areas that have previously experienced particular problems during the Halloween period to ensure young people behave responsibly. These include town centres, parks and play areas, and officers will be communicating with local businesses and enforcing ongoing dispersal areas to move on groups of people who may be intimidating members of the public.

Swale's District Commander, Chief Inspector Tony Henley, told SFM News: "We want our residents to have fun this Halloween and we don't want to spoil anyone's good time, but it's equally important to remember that our more elderly or vulnerable residents can be left distressed by Halloween pranks carried out by the minority of people. Having dedicated cars around Sittingbourne, Faversham and Sheppey to respond to calls, alongside high visibility patrols, will hopefully reduce Halloween-related issues. In the past, these have included incidents of criminal damage and intimidation. People have also thrown eggs and flour at residents and properties, so we have put in place measures to ensure selling of these items during the Halloween period is closely monitored. Parents are reminded of the importance of supervising their children during Halloween and, where possible, accompany them on trick-or-treating visits. There are posters that can be placed in doors and windows to advise trick-or-treaters not to call at your property and our officers will be out and about to ensure these requests are respected."

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Posters advertising for declining trick-or-treating can also be downloaded from this address.

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