Another Delay To M2 Slip Road Reopening

Another Delay To M2 Slip Road Reopening

National Highways have today (Tuesday 17th January) given an update on the M2 junction 5 improvement scheme and the eastbound slip roads.

They say that they have "made good progress on the slips, however due to the cold weather predicted this week, we’re unable to complete the last stages of the work – putting down the final layer of surfacing, and line painting. The temperatures being forecast are too low for us to carry out this work. To ensure the final surface is safe and will last, surfacing needs to be done when the temperatures are consistently a few degrees above zero. If we carry out the work when it’s too cold, the surface quickly freezes, becomes brittle and could crack, meaning we’d need to return and resurface the slips again, causing further disruption".

National Highways confimred that they are now planning to re-open the eastbound slip roads by Monday 30th January, subject to weather conditions.

You can find out more on the project webpage.

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