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NASA scientist reveals the eerie shadow cast on Jupiter's swirling surface by its moon Io  Daily Mail

An incredible image shows the eerie black shadow cast on the swirling surface of Jupiter by its moon Io as the latter passes between the gas giant and the sun.

Revealed: catastrophic effects of working as a Facebook moderator  The Guardian

The task of moderating Facebook continues to leave psychological scars on the company's employees, months after efforts to improve conditions for the ...

Holidays to be cancelled after travel firm ceases trading  Devon Live

A travel firm has ceased trading and customers' hotel and holiday bookings are unlikely to be honoured. Amoma says bookings will "probably be cancelled" by ...

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Scotland's midges carrying 'previously unknown viruses'  BBC News

Scotland's biting midge population carries previously unknown viruses, according to new research. The viruses are of species similar to those found in insects ...

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