Business News

A senior minister has told the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry that accountability for the scandal lies with the government, while the leader of the Liberal Democrats said he was lied to by senior executives at the company.
One of the founding members of the English football league is working with bankers to explore options for its future ownership.
Accelerated action and intensive work is needed to avoid a "disorderly and unjust transition" when Scotland's only oil refinery "likely" closes, a report has warned.
While longer-established names like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Next are often taken as good barometers of UK retailing, there is a case for saying that no one company better provides a snapshot of how the sector is faring than Frasers Group.
An arm of BlackRock, the world's biggest asset manager, is plotting a bid to acquire a big stake in a major contractor to Thames Water even as the UK's largest water utility hovers close to collapse.
The TV retail consultant known as 'Mary Queen of Shops' has called on the government to block a proposed London stock market listing by Shein.
Wage rises have slowed, official figures show, potentially signalling good news for those hoping for a fall in the cost of borrowing.
Much is known about JD Vance, Donald Trump’s running mate, not least his past criticism of the Republican presidential candidate, his tough working class upbringing and his time in the US Marine Corps.
One of Britain's biggest petfood manufacturers is in talks to add another independent producer to its stable of brands.
There is nothing in today's inflation data that will cause the nine policymakers who decide UK interest rates to panic.


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