Business News

CVC Capital Partners, the newly listed private equity giant, is in advanced talks to buy one of Britain's biggest infrastructure services providers.
Some of the UK's most popular sunscreens have failed safety tests - but cheaper alternatives from Aldi and Lidl passed with flying colours.
Retail sales rose by a better-than-expected 2.9% in May as increased footfall, better weather and deals saw shoppers return to high streets, according to officials.
Government borrowing was less than expected in May, new figures have revealed.
Microsoft has regained the title of the world's most valuable public company just days after it was overtaken by one of its rivals.
TikTok has launched a long-awaited legal fight to stop its Chinese owner being forced to sell the short video platform's US operations, arguing it violates Americans' rights to free speech.
We need to talk about the main parties' plans for housebuilding, but before we get to that there's something important we need to discuss. Everything you thought you knew about the housebuilding numbers in this country is wrong. Quite dramatically wrong. And that has a bearing on, well, rather a lot when it comes to this topic.
The Bank of England's monetary policy committee (MPC) was never going to cut interest rates today. Not two weeks before a general election.
The future of new oil and gas projects in the UK has been thrown into doubt following a landmark decision by the Supreme Court.
The Bank of England has held interest rates at 5.25% for the seventh time in a row.


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