Upgraded EV Charging Points Installed

Upgraded EV Charging Points Installed

Electric vehicle drivers will now be able to get a more reliable charge when visiting Sittingbourne, with Swale Borough Council (SBC) upgrading the EV charging points in the Bourne Place Multi-Storey Car Park. 

The previous chargers on the ground floor of the car park were unreliable and have now been replaced with two brand new Pod Point chargers.  

These offer a total of four charging outlets for electric vehicles to use, two 22KW fast chargers and two 7KW chargers.  

The new charge points will require payment for each KW hour used, the same as our other chargers, but EV drivers can park for free by simply scanning the QR code at the charging station and following the instructions.   

These improvements are part of what the the council says is "ongoing work to encourage the take up of the more environmentally friendly electric vehicles". 

Cllr Rich Lehmann, Chair of the Environment Committee at SBC told SFM News: "We are continually looking for ways to improve our electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Whether adding new charging stations around the borough or, as is the case here, improving the ones we already have. These new chargers are more reliable and will make it easier for people to charge their electric vehicles. There is also now a simple way to validate parking at the Bourne Place Multi-Storey Car Park when you are using the charging stations.  We want to promote the use of electric vehicles in Swale and are trying to make EV ownership as accessible and convenient as possible.”   

EV drivers can download the Pod Point app for more information on where to find the Pod Point chargers around Swale borough. 


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