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The first ever national walkout by nurses and the results of the US midterms lead the papers.
The former health secretary and suspended Conservative MP has been meeting his jungle campmates.
The ex-health secretary reveals why he joined, as a fellow campmate says his presence is "difficult".
Hundreds of thousands of tree tubes are being removed and a biodegradable alternative introduced.
The prime minister and first minister will hold face-to-face talks in Blackpool on Thursday.
Vicki fears a second child could make a new mortgage for their home unaffordable.
The singer says his mum was in hospital during the pandemic, and he thought she was going to die.
Simon Lingard died after his unit was attacked amid the conflict, his family confirm.
Tom Maclean says he took down the image after being told the neo-Nazi was a "pretty ghastly figure".
Cries of "this country was built on the blood of slaves" were heard during the incident in York.


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