39 Striders, 9 Races And 5 PB's

The Sittingbourne Striders were out in force this weekend, with 39 runners taking place in 9 races across London and Kent. The most popular destination was the London Landmarks Half Marathon- a race that attracts nearly 13,000 runners and runs along the Thames taking in the popular sights throughout Westminster and the City. First strider home was Daniel Barnard in 1hr50mins40secs, and the first lady strider over the line was Amanda Claridge who gained a personal best and finished in 1hr59mins38secs.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Daniel Barnard 01:40:40; Ashley Claridge 01:41:42; Mark Jones 01:44:10; Darren Billings 01:52:25; Amanda Claridge 01:59.38 [PB]; Sam Gillham 02:10:28 [PB]; James Batchelor 02:11:44; Simon Brenchley 02:11:44; Kate Chia 02:17:51 [PB]; Joanne Strudwick 02:31:34; Jacqueline Woodhouse 02:39:33; Susannah Ulyatt 02:59:31; Louise Marshall 03:00:51; Mona Lewis 03:05:53

Smugglers 10k

Teresa Watson 56.49; Lorraine Neale 58.14 [PB]; Sara Cox 01:03:15 [PB]; Tracey Jenkins 01:07:48; Talita Wigg 01:14:00; Georgina Higgins 01:16:59; Lisa Burton 01:25:14

Medway Megalith Marathon

Ollie Pryer 04:19:20; Rebecca Still 05:19:58; Samantha Hewitt 05:09:31

Medway Megalith Half Marathon

Jackie Austin 03:23:13; Helen Shears 03:30:18; Emma Higgins 03:30:15

Hastings Half Marathon

Jo Pettitt 01:51:41; James Pettitt 01:51:41; Jackie Austin 03:12; Emma Penfold 03:30

Stroke Resolution 15K

Ann Meeks 01:49:54; Kelly Batchelor 01:51

Stroke Resolution 10K

Carolyn Marshall 01:11:12

Whitstable 10k

Abbey-Gale Bratby 55:14; Andrew Thomas 55:14; Alison Williams 01:07:12; 

Whitstable 5k

Sally Patching 32:29


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