New Milton Rec Trees Kicked Down By Vandals

New Milton Rec Trees Kicked Down By Vandals

250 new tree saplings, planted at Milton Recreational Ground last week, have been kicked, uprooted and damaged by vandals.

Swale Borough Council and Southern Housing held a tree-planting day last Monday (6th February) aimed "to increase tree cover for biodiversity and boost the health and wellbeing of families, dog-walkers and other park users".

Local Swale Borough Ward concillor, Cllr Steve Davey, said "the damage was noted over the weekend and will be repaired tomorrow".

A spokesman for Swale Borough Council told SFM News: “It’s massively upsetting and frustrating for all those involved in trying to improve the park, and the wider local environment, when people do something like this. We’ve spent time and money trying to create a space that will be a benefit for generations to come. It’s hard to conceive of the levels of selfishness and petty small-mindedness that those responsible have, but we won’t let their idiotic behaviour spoil the park for everyone else.”

A similar iniative is currently being run in Milton Creek Country Park, after a donation of saplings was made last week.

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