New ‘Courier’ Scam Prompts Kent Police Warning

New ‘Courier’ Scam Prompts Kent Police Warning

Police are warning Kent residents of a new scam that could result in a person's bank account being wiped out by a fraudster.

Scammers appear to be using new phone apps that allow them to use a fake caller ID in an effort to convince the person they are targeting that they are calling from a legitimate bank. It is understood that the fraudsters will telephone an individual using the phone app which makes it appear as if the caller ID matches that of the bank.

During the conversation they ask the victim to look at the caller ID as a means of validating the call before asking them to check that number against the one on the back of their credit or debit card. They will then get personal secure information from the victim so they can take funds from their bank account.

Detective Sergeant Adrian Brown told SFM News: "Unfortunately these phone apps are both cheap and easily available. Our advice is simple; never give your bank details out to anyone who calls you directly. If you are concerned about the security of your account then attend your bank in person or use the contact details provided by your bank to contact them directly, preferably from a different phone to the one you received the call on. Never ever give out your account information out to someone who canvasses your call. In some instances banks will not cover these breaches of security and it is the individual who loses out financially, never being able to re-coup their losses."

To learn more about courier fraud watch Kent Police's video, featuring 89-year-old May Gorvan from Gravesend, who details her experience of the scam: or visit:


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