More Than £160k Of Grants Available To Local Groups

More Than £160k Of Grants Available To Local Groups

Swale Borough Council is making £162,800 available for local groups to support projects that benefit the community over the next year.

The funding pot was announced at the council's Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 20th May when Cabinet Member for Localism, Cllr Mike Whiting, tabled a letter confirming the grants.

Cllr Whiting told SFM's "In The Bourne" listeners: "We are lucky to have such a wealth of local groups that are doing a tremendous amount to improve lives across the Borough, and these grants are part of our commitment to supporting them in their work. Councillors have more than £110,000 available between them to support schemes in their areas - be it extra bins, supporting events, or helping local good causes. Even small amounts of money really can make a big difference, so I am looking forward to seeing all the applications for support over the next year."

There are currently five grant schemes available to the community to support a range of projects within the Borough and to improve the local cultural and leisure offer.

The grants available are:

• £112,800 Members' Localism Grants - £2,400 per councillor
• £10,000 Heritage Grants - up to £1,000 per project
• £5,000 Culture Grants - up to £1,000 per project
• £20,000 Sport and Physical Activity Grants - between £200 and £1,000
• £15,000 WW1 Centenary Grants - up to £750

To find out more about the grants on offer, and get information on how to apply, visit

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