Grade II Listed Barn To Expand Community Services

Grade II Listed Barn To Expand Community Services

The transfer of Iwade Barn to the community in the village is to be discussed at the next Swale Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 12th March.

The recommendation is to offer a new Iwade Barn Trust the 125-year lease for the Grade II listed Barn located at Iwade Cemetery, the adjacent small garden area and associated parking facilities.

The barn is owned by Ward Homes and it is hoped ownership will be transferred to the council by June this year under a Section 106 agreement. The Parish Council approached the council requesting the use of a barn for use by the local community and has proposed the barn be used for an internet cafe, a meeting place and for events associated with church services.

Councillor Mike Whiting, Cabinet Member for Localism said: "By transferring the barn to the Trust, it will be run and used by and for the benefit of the Iwade community. I am confident the Trust will continue to develop activities for the community and the barn will grow to become the heart of the parish. Localism at its best."

It is expected that the Trust will consist of representatives from Iwade Parish Council, the Parochial Church Council and other interested members of the local community. Consultation has been undertaken with Iwade Parish Council, the Parochial Church Council, and the Ward member for Iwade and Lower Halstow, Cllr Ben Stokes, who all support the proposal.

The lease agreement for Iwade Barn is one of four asset transfers under discussion at the next Cabinet meeting as a result of the new Asset Transfer Policy and a drive for greater localism. Other transfers include a transfer of Faversham Allotments to Faversham Town Council; Queenborough Harbour Trust are being offered a lease to occupy Queenborough Quay and other associated areas; and Queenborough Town Council are being offered three separate leases for allotment sites in Queenborough. At the Cabinet meeting in February, a transfer of Kemsley Village Hall to Kemsley Community Centre Trust on a 125 year lease was also agreed.  

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