Council Issue Cross Party Statement On Ukraine

Council Issue Cross Party Statement On Ukraine

A Statement has been issued today on behalf of Swale Borough Council's group leaders:

Cllr Roger Truelove – Labour
Cllr Mike Baldock – Swale Independents Alliance
Cllr Alan Horton – Conservative
Cllr Ben Martin – Liberal Democrat
Cllr Monique Bonney – Independent
Cllr Tim Valentine - Green

“Like most people, we have watched the war unfolding in Ukraine with horror and disbelief. It is heart-breaking to see footage of the destruction being wrought, with families huddling in underground stations and car parks, as air raid sirens sound across the towns and cities. Just a week ago, these people were going about their lives as normal – working, studying and playing like millions of others in a free and democratic society. Now they are trying to shelter themselves and their loved ones from bombs and gunfire, or they are taking up arms to fight and defend their democracy".

“All groups at Swale Council utterly condemn this attack by Putin, which we know is not supported by all Russians. This isn’t just an unwarranted attack on a neighbour, it is an attack on the core democratic principle that people should be free to decide their own future. We know there are families in Swale with links to Ukraine, and we can only imagine the anguish and fear they are going through. We stand with them, and all those affected in Ukraine. The local community has once again responded to the call for support, and we will be doing what we can to help them in their efforts. We will also be flying the Ukrainian flag at Swale House in solidarity with our friends in Ukraine, and we hope the resolve and bravery of the Ukrainian people is swiftly rewarded with peace.“

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