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The inquiry into 72 deaths is urged to be on the "right side of history" when it publishes its findings.
The UK is "way behind" on covering faces to limit the spread of Covid-19, says the Royal Society.
Boris Johnson says "too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures", so what was the coronavirus guidance given to them?
The ex-Army officer had a movie clip of children with one as young as 12 months old, a court hears.
Sadiq Khan pays tribute to the 52 people killed and 700 injured by four bombs exploding on 7 July 2005.
The retailer said sales of bicycles leapt during lockdown, but sales of car parts saw big falls.
Thousands of people with Covid-19 report recurring symptoms for far longer than 14 days.
Workers are missing out on furlough because of their employment terms, and many are on minimum wage.
The chancellor will announce £2bn of grants to fund energy-saving projects for homeowners in England.
Claire Cross says the masks with a clear panel are vital for people who rely on lip-reading.


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