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The online word game Wordle has attracted millions of daily users - including Countdown's Susie Dent.
Men wanted for murder, drug trafficking and supplying guns are among those being sought.
For some technologies there are never any clouds to spoil the view.
In his first BBC Sport column at the Australian Open, Andy Murray talks about his thrilling opening win and blocking out Cristiano Ronaldo-style 'Siuuuu' celebrations.
The decision on Plan B remains "finely balanced" but the latest data is "encouraging", the government says.
The No 10 party row continues with reports more MPs are planning to ask for a no-confidence vote.
Many Tory MPs will be listening closely to the prime minister's answers as he faces Prime Minster's Questions.
Fourteen people complained about the advert, including one viewer who said a toddler had copied it.
A mental health charity is concerned some people are overdoing it to cope with stress and anxiety.
Despite no lockdowns, a large survey found anxieties over being infected and long Covid were high.


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