Over 80 Sittingbourne Striders turned out for the Sittingbourne Invicta 10km

Sittingbourne Striders at Sittingbourne Invicta 10K
Over 80 Sittingbourne Striders turned out for the Sittingbourne Invicta 10km race held on Sunday, 13 May 2018.
Conditions were breezy for the event which saw runners taking on the 6.2-mile loop of rural Sittingbourne. Starting at Westlands school the first 5kms involved gradual climbing before cutting across a pathway from Wrens Road to Primrose Lane where the runners were able to enjoy gentle downhill for the remainder of the course.

Despite the field having so many runners from the Striders, competition from other running clubs was fierce and the prizes were hotly contested. The Striders team did not disappoint picking up an array of silverware for various successes.
Jen Coleman took the top spot as fastest lady on the day. She completed the course in 43.48. Ellie Hynes once again showed ever improving form to take the trophy for 2 nd place in 44.02 with Rebecca Still 3 rd in 47.27. The combined efforts of these ladies resulted in them taking the women’s team prize.
After the run Jen said: ‘The race went well as I knocked off 1 minute and 18 seconds off my personal best for the course.’
Also on the podium was Olwen Cockell, running for Swale AC, but also a member of the club. She won a prize for fastest lady in her age category.
Gareth Lewis was the only Strider to beat 40 minutes; he was first back for the team in 39.55. Lee Simpson and Scott Simpson were next home for the club in 40.21 and 40.42. The speedy Simpson’s both won their age group prizes and along with Gareth took the prize for the best male team.

All in all a very good day for the Sittingbourne Striders
Here are Sittingbourne Striders results in the Sititngbourne Invicta 10km:
Gareth Lewis 39:55; Lee Simpson 40:21; Scott Simpson 40:42; Oliver Pryer 41:04; David Valenti 41:33; Nick Freeman 41:47; Glenn Davies 42:44; Ian Gower 43:21; Martin Clark 43:27; Jennifer Coleman 43:47; Sam Mumford 43.59; Ellie Hynes 44.02; James   Pamplin 44:01; Bradley Clayton 44:14; Olwen Cockell 45:12; Christopher Mudge 45:32; Matt    Nunn   45:36; Darren James 45:42; Ceri Burr 45:49; Stephen Prince 46:44; Richard Valenti 46:47; James   Topham 46:47; Andy   Patching 47:26; Roy Shears 47.26; Rebecca Still   47:27; Geoffrey Tyler 47:31; Gary Read 47:34; Andrew Thomas 47:46; Kelly   Lywood 48:01; Clive    Crisp 48:03; Vicky Parker; 48:35; Sarah Bradshaw 48:59; Steve   Bradshaw 49:10; Darren Billing 49:42; Kevin  Eastop 50:07; Ian Bourne 51:02; Sophie Byrne  51:08; Sarah   Doherty 51:13; William Wakeman 51:14; Samantha Hewitt 51:32; Jordan Day 51:37; David  Whittley 52:07; Johan Clarke  52:11; Stuart  Ridout 52:24; Barry   Simmons 52:49; Emily Middleton 53:04; Abbey-Gale Bratby 53:04; Adam Marsland 53.05; Jeff Fox 53:29; Simon  Brenchley 53:51; Katy Jackson 53:57; Gavin Malloch 54:39; Paul Valenti 55:14; Graham Thomas 55:23; James Batchelor 55:48; Barbara Collier 56:05; Nina Cook 56:23; Davinia Brown 56.46; Sam Fawcett 56:50; Heather Kendall 57:00; Emma  Chamberlain 57:42; Teresa  Watson 58:11; Carey Philpott 58:12; Aneta Steers  58:13; Lindsay Clarke 58:35; Nicola  Brown 59:39; Andrew Nellies 59:41; Nikki Brenchley 59:43; Grace Mead 59.54; Jackie Austin 1.01.27; Louise Marshall 1.02.55; Clive Glover 1.02.57; Sheila Malloch 1.03.23; Vanessa Patching 1:04:03; Wendy Knee 1:04:09; Alison  Kite 1:04:27; Kelly   Pamplin 1:04:40; Paul O’Reilly 1.04.46; Clare    Eastop 1:05:01; Alison Bourne 1.06.00; Karen  Longley 1:06:04; Louise Burnop 1.06.28; Allison Bourne 1:06:33; Hayley Thomas 1:06:40; Helen   Shears  1:06:51; Julie Southall 1:07:18; Robyn Benyon 1:07:32; Lynn    Coomber 1:07:48; Joanne Bing 1:07:59; Sally Patching 1:08:24; Robert Holmes 1:10:35; Ruth Smith 1.11.22; Natalie Jimenez 1:11:22; Wendy Howes 1:11:37; Hannah Hudson 1:14:22; David  Austen 1:16:03; Clare Fox 1:18:22; Sandra Gardiner 1.18.23; Dave Wood 1.19.07; Beth Wood 1.19.07

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