34 Striders Took Part In The Paddock Wood Half Marathon

A group of 34 Striders who took part in the Paddock Wood Half Marathon on Sunday, a fast and flat 13.1 mile course that serves as the 4th race in the Sittingbourne Striders Club Championship. Chris Lawley was the first over the line in 1hr 30mins 18secs, and bragging rights for first Lady Strider home went to Kelly Lywood in 1hr 44mins 43secs.

A smaller group took part in the Chatham Maritime 10k, led by Paul Williams who finished in 46mins 12secs and Gary Read was the sole strider taking part in the Charing Half Marathon, finishing in 1hrs 53mins 13secs.

Paddock Wood Half Marathon

Chris Lawley 01:30:18; Jacob Beaney 01:38:15; Joseph Lovelock 01:38:15; Gary Spicer 01:38:54; Sam Mumford 01:39:13; Kelly Lywood 01:44:43; Laura Woods 01:44:54; Darren Billing 01:47:16 [PB]; Richard Sutehall 01:50:16; Darren James 01:50:32; David Whitley 01:52:17 [PB]; Sophie Byrne 01:53:24; Alison Davey 01:54:06; Andrew Howes 01:55:46; Lisa Burton 01:55:58; Heather Glass 01:57:07 [PB]; Gina Woodfine 01:58:28 [PB]; Davinia Brown 01:59:44 [PB]; Martin Stevens 01:59:47; Steve Russell 02:00:38; Gavin Malloch 02:02:45; Carey Philpott Kite 02:03:10; Ronald Smith 02:12:35; Guy Mills 02:12:42; Nicki Brown 02:12:47; Teresa Watson 02:14:48; Shelly Wilson 02:18:50 [PB]; Jackie Austin 02:20:53; Annette Lebreton 02:21:55; Talita Wigg 02:22:20; Marriane Seaward 02:25:20; Orla Mcgaley 02:34:49; Alison Kite 02:35:22; Dave Austen 02:39:17

Chatham Maritime 10K

Paul Williams 00:46:12; Andy Patching 00:53:25; Vanessa Patching 01:03:06; Alison Williams 01:06:15 [PB]; Denise Grant 01:09:17


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