Sittingbourne Carnival Court Selected

Sittingbourne Carnival Court Selected

The selection of the Sittingbourne Carnival Court 2014 was held on Saturday (22nd March) at the Woodcombe Sports and Social Club, Church Road, Murston.

This year there were 12 entries for the honour to become Miss Sittingbourne 2014, with four changing their minds for various reasons meaning that there were eight entering on the actual day. The judges found their task quite difficult this year with so many to choose from, and the marks were quite close. All the entrants were interviewed privately by the judges at the beginning of the evening and just after 8pm they took it in turns to speak on stage and to the audience and also to answer some questions put to them by the compare for the evening.

The three lucky entrants chosen for the Sittingbourne Carnival Court of 2014 were:-
Miss Sittingbourne 2014 - Georgia Lane, aged 16.
Joint Sittingbourne Princesses 2014 - Ashleigh Taylor and Kendle Hunter, both 16.

The three judges at the selection were: The Mayor of Swale, Cllr Sue Gent; former Mayor and Cllr Ben Stokes and Claire Fosbeary (Former Miss Sittingbourne 1990 and Community Life Champion at Asda, Sittingbourne). The adjudicator was Cllr Sylvia Bennett. The compare for the evening was Maria Lawrence (Miss Sittingbourne 2010) and there were 2 other former Miss Sittingbourne's helping with the contestants, these were Laura Petch (2012) and Leanne Martin (2008). 14 other carnival courts attended along with the friends and families of the 8 contestants, with around 180 people attending in total.

The 106.9 SFM Roadshow will be appearing at this year's Sittingbourne Carnival on Saturday 21st June.

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