Equine Crime Prevention Meeting Held In Teynham

Equine Crime Prevention Meeting Held In Teynham

Free UV marker pens and shed alarms were on offer during an equine crime prevention meeting at the Teynham Community Hall on Monday (30th March) evening.

Attendees were also given Smart Water to mark equipment, the UV pens, alarms and timer switches.

Rural crime officers from Kent Police were also on hand to offer crime prevention advice, while Kent Horse Watch carried out a number of saddle security markings and issued high visibility trailer stickers. The stickers are part of a security measure and are designed to be used on both the trailer and corresponding vehicle. Failure to do so could result in the vehicle being stopped by police.

The event was hosted by Kent Police and Swale Borough Council as part of the Swale Community Safety Partnership.

Tina Grafton, who co-ordinated the event on behalf of the partnership, told SFM News: ‘We had a good number of horse owners attend the event and during the course of the evening, we issued 14 Smart Water kits and the shed alarms also proved popular. The evening shows there is a genuine partnership approach to tackling equine crime and I hope it has encouraged those who attended to report any suspicious activity to the police, knowing it will be taken seriously and investigated robustly."

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