Million Sellers with David Hamilton

Million Sellers with David Hamilton
DJ Time Slot:
7:00pm to 9:00pm

David Hamilton's Million Sellers features, as you would expect, top quality production and the very best music. It tells the stories behind some of the most enduring artists and bands to have notched up million selling singles and albums on both sides of the atlantic in the history of pop music. Each two-hour show is packed not only with fantastic million-selling tunes but also information about the people who made them.

Now and then there comes a weekend which is special. It might be some kind of holiday such as Easter or Christmas, or it might be a summer bank holiday. We'll be celebrating this with a special show, such as celebrities talking about their million sellers, a special for the time of the year, or something completely different. David has all kinds of surprises, so keep an eye on the schedule as well as on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest news.

David's love for proper music can now be heard on The Million Sellers Show on 106.9 SFM on Monday nights from 7pm - 9pm.

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