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Is there a suicide crisis for British veterans?

BBC News - 16 hours 24 min ago
Military charities say they are not coping with the increased demand for mental health support.

Reality Check: Thefts of catalytic converters

BBC News - 16 hours 24 min ago
What is the scale of the problem and what may be done to discourage thieves?

Medicinal cannabis: Why has it taken so long to get to patients?

BBC News - 16 hours 25 min ago
Medicinal cannabis was legalised in November 2018.

Labour pledges to prevent universities from going bust

BBC News - 16 hours 33 min ago
Universities struggling financially would not be allowed to fail under a Labour government, the party says.

Short bursts of intense exercise 'better for weight loss'

BBC News - 16 hours 44 min ago
Researchers suggest bursts of high intensity workouts, like sprinting, are more effective for weight loss.

Meet The Favourite's Bafta-winning working mums

BBC News - 16 hours 50 min ago
Production designers Fiona Crombie and Alice Felton discuss combining work, motherhood and creating the set for The Favourite.

'Killer car seats' sold online for £8

BBC News - 17 hours 7 min ago
The illegal car seats have appeared for sale online, although sites say listings have been deleted.

Pontypridd woman speaks out over suicide guilt

BBC News - 17 hours 41 min ago
Abbie Pennell's father Stephen killed himself in June 2018 - now she speaks out over suicide guilt.

Plant-based compostable plastics going to landfill

BBC News - 17 hours 42 min ago
Almost all councils are unable to collect and compost the alternative to single-use plastics.

Man charged with murders of three men in Exeter

BBC News - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 21:21
Alexander Lewis-Ranwell is charged with killing Anthony Payne and twins Richard and Roger Carter.

Windrush row mum told she can stay in UK after Home Office apology

BBC News - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 20:48
A US citizen who was refused help by the Windrush scheme now has indefinite leave to remain.


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