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Updated: 5 hours 22 min ago

Facebook investigates fake cancer child post

5 hours 49 min ago
A mother seeks to make Facebook block an account that posted images falsely claiming her son had cancer.

SS-GB: BBC to 'look at' sound levels after mumbling complaints

5 hours 55 min ago
The BBC says it takes sound seriously after complaints were made about the wartime drama.

Tunstall imam in court over mosque terror charges

5 hours 57 min ago
Kamran Sabir Hussain is accused of encouraging his congregation to support so-called Islamic State.

Sutton v Arsenal: Wayne Shaw's pie-eating investigated by FA & Gambling Commission

6 hours 36 min ago
Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw is being investigated by the Football Association for potentially breaching betting rules during Monday's FA Cup loss to Arsenal.

'I've just been kicked off the plane'

7 hours 22 sec ago
A Muslim teacher on a school trip posts a video to Snapchat of him being escorted off a US-bound plane.

Jeepers Creepers

7 hours 4 min ago
After the actress ate a spider's leg, we look at whether the UK should embrace eating insects.

Bank of England 'has improved' its economic forecasting

7 hours 6 min ago
The Bank of England's chief economist admits "sizeable" forecasting errors have been made in the past.

Third resignation from Scots abuse inquiry

7 hours 23 min ago
A third senior figure on the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry resigns, citing personal reasons.

Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership challenge

7 hours 37 min ago
They want to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage and vow to fight the decision.

Leamington Spa sees 33 un-taxed cars clamped in two days

7 hours 50 min ago
A crackdown on unpaid car tax is on the up, with one town seeing 33 cars clamped in two days.

Government finances record £9.4bn surplus in January

8 hours 2 min ago
Analysts say the government could undershoot the forecast deficit for current financial year.

'Fabulous supervillain'

8 hours 2 min ago
Internet "supervillain" Milo Yiannopoulos is dropped from a conference and has a book deal cancelled.

Inexcusable inaction

8 hours 22 min ago
More than 600 black South Africans drowned in WW1 when their ship was struck by a Royal Mail vessel. But why did the captain blamed for the tragedy do nothing to help?

Scots woman arrested over husband's buried body

8 hours 51 min ago
A woman from Scotland is arrested in Portugal for "corpse desecration" after her husband's remains were found on their farm.

Hospital cuts planned in most of England

9 hours 1 min ago
Hospital services in nearly two-thirds of England could be cut or scaled back, BBC analysis shows.

Protesters arrested after Heathrow Airport tunnel blocked

9 hours 11 min ago
Five people are arrested after the main tunnel to Heathrow Airport is blocked by protesters.

Storm Doris to bring snow and wind to Scotland

9 hours 29 min ago
The fourth named storm of this winter, Doris, is expected to bring high winds and snow to Scotland on Thursday.

'Stubborn' swan blocks M27 at Fareham

9 hours 50 min ago
A traffic camera captures the moment an officer chases a swan down the M27 in Hampshire.

Label laws

10 hours 36 min ago
How Brexit might create complications for the way food in the UK is labelled.

Philip Hammond 'listening' to business rates concerns

11 hours 4 min ago
Philip Hammond is under pressure to act with some businesses facing "eye-watering" rate rises.


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