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The UKIP leader will seek votes in the seat that recorded the highest Leave vote last year.
It took European Union leaders a minute to unanimously agree negotiating guidelines.
Tom Harrison took more than six days to cover 26.2 miles on all fours for a gorilla charity.
Dashcam footage shows the driver making a U-turn before driving straight at the car and ramming it.
The prime minister is to speak at a rally during her first election campaign trip to Scotland.
Ryan Gibbons, charged with the murder of the ex-Royal Navy officer, is due back in court next week.
Esther Poucher, 16, asked MP Andrew Turner a question at college - hours later he stepped down.
Surgeon Ian Paterson was convicted of intentionally wounding patients with unnecessary operations.
Jade Edgington was 16 when disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson first operated on her unnecessarily.
Sgt Alexander Blackman praises his wife for her role in his release from jail after a Taliban killing.


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