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How We Helped To Tackle Isolation Throughout COVID-19

Pictured: some of the recipients of 106.9 SFM branded radios during the recent Lockdowns

Being lonely and/or socially isolated can have a huge effect on people’s physical and mental health. The relationships we have with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours give us a sense of belonging and well-being and this has been especially highlighted during the current COVID-19 epidemic.

106.9 SFM has been working to tackle this issue locally here in Sittingbourne working alongside Swale CVS and our listeners to identify those in need of some companionship via the radio, to brighten their lives. 

We have been working to build awareness and promote positive attitudes, raising the profile of loneliness and social isolation and helping to reduce stigma.

Our work during Lockdown culminated in Local Radio Day, on Monday 12th October 2020, where we joined up with hundreds of other local radio stations up and down the UK to highlight the issue.

Local Radio Day - Monday 12th October 2020

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